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From beginner to interior photographer in 6 weeks!

  • Do you have doubts about your own photos?

  • Would you like to photograph interiors but do they not appear well on screen?

  • Do you find that you don't have enough material to share?

  • Do you still want to be able to take good photos with less good light?

  • Can you already take photographs but have no idea how interior photography works?

Then take the interior photography course 'Capture That Interior'

Already 3000+
participants went before you
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Interior photography course - Logo Stijlvol Wonen

Learn the tricks of the trade of interior photography in 3 months.


In a community of like-minded people, from interior professionals to hobby photographers. Regardless of your level, this course is accessible to everyone. Simply choose your own level videos!

The Capture That Interior course offers you the opportunity to learn everything about interior photography. Do you have doubts about your own photos? Would you like to photograph interiors, but do you have difficulty capturing them properly?


Do you notice that you don't have enough images to share? Do you want to be able totake good interior photos in poor lighting?

"In this course you will learn how the elements of interior photography, such as lighting, composition and styling, will boost your business."

Good photos are essential to portray your interior

This is a photography course where you learn more than just how a camera works. Yes, I will explain the technical side and how you can take well-exposed photos manually without automatic mode.

But I mainly show you what is important in interior photography such as composition, lighting and points of view. Hands-on tips and tricks that will ensure that youwill look differently and automatically takes beautiful photos.


You will receive an assignment in each module. The assignments are not mandatory, so feel free to complete them at your own timeat your own pace to follow. During the course you will receive feedback on your photos from your fellow students in thecommunity.

In 6 modules:

Assignments that take you further

Community feedback

Everything about interior photography, composition and entrepreneurship

Updates in the online learning environment

Lifelong access through the recordings


Capture That Interior course

The popular interior photography course that provides nicer photos, images that sell and publications in magazines that make youmore customers attracts. Learn how to create your online visibility expands and increases turnover.

From unknown to weekly in international home magazines:

This course is intended to take your interior photography skills to the next level. Suitable for camera or phone. The information is universally applicable, so professional or hobby photographers can also participate.

Share your photos and get feedback from your fellow students on your interior photography. 

You will soon be confident when it comes to your interior photography skills. You know which image appeals to someone else and which one does not and can therefore increase your turnover. Your webshop, blog or Instagram suddenly looks more professional. Previous students have ended up in the magazines with their work!

Interior photography is truly a profession in itself. You will also receive targeted tools to improve your interior photography skills. And if you are just starting out with photography, I encourage you to keep practicing after the course!


6 modules that take you into the technical, lighting, styling and composition aspects of interior photography. And inspiring masterclasses that take your entrepreneurial skills to the next level.

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"I, as a beginner, take photos after 6 weeks that people say could be in a magazine like VTwonen. Great!  -  Karlijn"

I took the Capture that Interior course at Muk. It was beyond my expectation! I have learned so much and gained confidence for the future. The course is very clear and well organized. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, the course can benefit everyone. I recommend it to everyone. Muk, you are a winner and so good at your job! Keep it up!

Francis Minkenberg

This is simply a complete education. The amount of information about all sports, from camera to lighting to styling to tips and tricks on the most diverse subjects. Awesome! As a beginner, after 5 weeks I take photos that people say could easily be in a magazine like VTwonen. 

In addition, the sessions are very inspiring and Muk is a great mentor. 

It's worth your money and more! Highly recommended.


At first I didn't really have an idea of what to expect from the course. After the first day of the course I was already sure that it would be a top course. Muk has shared so much valuable information that you can apply immediately. I can already see that I take better photographs and I also understand more about post-processing. This course was really worth it!!

Ruth de Bruijn
Screenshot 2020-08-05 at 01.32.54.

This course is for you, as an interior professional, photographer or hobbyist who wants to take his or her interior photography skills to a higher level to improve your visibility online. 

Participants range fromdesigners and stylists to photographers who want to work professionally with interior photography. So even if you are not yet a good photographer and would like to learn more, you are very welcome!

1 interior photography course, 6 modules, and assignments in which you learn how to take interior and lifestyle photos that could easily appear in a magazine.


01: equipment 

Did you know that I first walk around the house and sometimes take an hour to get to know the house? What items do you need? Why is a tripod indispensable? And which lenses do you actually use? You will get answers to all these questions and more in the first module.


What equipment do you need? For beginners and advanced users

How do you work on location?

What are full-frame, RAW, formatting, and autofocus?


02: exposure 

After this module you will know exactly how to set up your camera and take a perfectly lit photo. Photographing manually in RAW is no stranger to you after you have followed the beginner or advanced module. Did you know, for example, that the aperture for interior photography is very different than for portraits or real estate?


Learning to deal with different lighting situations such as bright sunlight or a dark day

You can photograph manually in RAW without losing atmosphere and depth


03: composition 

The golden ratio? Styling that doesn't look nice in real life, but does look nice on image? Perspective and lines? All important! Interior photography can be difficult if you don't know which elements to pay attention to. 


You know how to apply the rule of thirds to photos that generate sales

What is photo styling and how do you apply it? Interior stylists find this very difficult!

Separate modules per room with explanation per living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.



04: post-processing 

The magic! Post-processing is one of the most important elements of photography. Why? This is where your sauce goes over it. You will learn all levels in this course. From simply creating your own presets on your phone, to complex ones.
Photoshop post-processing and Capture One software to apply tethered shooting.


The complete Adobe package

For beginners and advanced users

Create presets and develop your own style


05: image strategy 

Make money with your photos! Being able to take photographs is all well and good, but what are you ultimately going to do with those photos? How do you ensure that you take photos that generate sales and customers? Which elements do you apply and how do you work?


Tips and tricks that ensure your photos 'convert'

Higher findability, more visibility and customers through images that sell


06: publications

The dream of many interior photographers, designers and architects: to be published in a beautiful home magazine! In this module I will tell you everything about the world of international interior design magazines. How I get published every week in magazines all over the world. From Architectural Digest to VTwonen and Elle Decor.


What the world looks like behind the scenes and who you need to contact to get published

What you need to get into the media (less than you think!)​


How does it work?

  • 6 modules on all topics surrounding interior photography

  • Online learning environment

  • A Facebook and Instagram community with like-minded interior and photography professionals

  • Assignments that you can submit in the community

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